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Volunteer Info

Wardrobe Coordinator (WC)

  • Contacting models to set up fittings

WC will be in charge of making sure all models info is uploaded to the Model Database Doc and contacting them to set up appointments for fittings before the show.

  • Photographing runway looks and uploading to the final looks sheet,  for team to see online.

WC will need to be present during fittings and take a pic via cell or tablet of the complete final look add any notes

  • Coordinating times for models the day of the show.
this means helping organize what time models will show up the day of the show
  • Confirming models before show.
  • Making sure looks are complete, double checked and packed before show

After every fitting MC will pack looks into garment bags and label them with necessary info for show.

  • Checking that all wardrobe is returned by models after show and packed to bring back to warehouse.

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