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Volunteering  for DH Studios Inc

Thank you for your interest in helping DH Studios Inc. create a more professional show during Boston and New York Fashion Weeks.  Below you will find information on volunteer positions.  We strongly believe that these can be very helpful for newcomers or established professionals that want to learn about other areas in the fashion industries or simply grow their network.

As a fashion designer Daniel Hern├índez, completed several internships, taught several community classes with the BCAE and has taken students from schools such Mass College of Art under his wing for internships. 

We thank you in advance and look forward to meeting you.

Model Coordinator (mc) 

The Model Coordinator or MC volunteer position will require about 25 hours of work before the show. the work can be done from anywhere where there is internet access.  MC will be in charge of helping schedule model call times  and making sure our Model Database is up-to-date. 

Wardrobe Coordinator (wc)

Wardrobe coordinator is a volunteer position that will require about 20 hours of work, including the day of the show.

You will be required to come to the fittings for the show on Mondays from 2:00 PM  to 6:00 PM



Dressers positions will require about 10 hours of work, plus helping out  the day of the Runway show. 

They are in charge of making sure all finished looks are prepped and ready for the runway, they will need to be present in at least 1 to 3 fittings.


We will also be needing volunteers to aid out Hair and Make-Up teams the day of the show and/or during upcoming photoshoots, if you are interested in volunteering for this positions 

please fill out the Volunteer Form

and select the corresponding option from the positions available menu.

Thank you!