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Shoe information for 2016.

Models selected for our upcoming show are required to purchase the selected shoe for the runway, the price for this shoe will vary between 25.00 to 35.00 dollars. We required this from all models to avoid unprofessional shoes on the runway that will take away from the collection. we understand if models do not want to audition for DH Studios Inc due to this expense. how ever the shoes enhance the presentation as well as the photos provided to the model at the end of the show and models get to keep an incredible shoe. Models are allowed to use the shoe from previous shows as long as they are in good condition and do not look worn out. And yes you do get an incredible shoe for less than wholesale. Additionally the shoe is named after and selected by the previous model who wins the Model Competition.

Selected DHResort 2016

Selected Shoe for 2015 "Viriato" 

Selected Shoe For 2013 "Francis"

Selected shoe for 2014 "Chelsey"