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Posted by Daniel Hernandez on September 23, 2015 at 2:40 PM

Personal Bio: 

My name is Sivan Soffer I am the Founder and CEO of KeepYourPantsOn.com. I’ve been a belt retailer for over 7 years at which time I have served over 500k customers. I know the belt industry very well, but most importantly I understand my customers!


Please describe your work:

Belts are an important fashion staple that help the real women of the world accentuate curves and conceal flaws. The average U.S women is a size 8 the average model is a size 2- this disconnect creates frustration and uncertainty when shopping online. Belts are a $1Billion market that is being neglected by top apparel retailers both online and offline which creates a massive market opportunity. We analyze vertical & horizontal proportions to be used as a guideline for women when making fashion choices for their unique body type. We offer Indie designers and micro brands that cant be found anywhere else online and are building a following of affluent fashion forward women who love to shop online but are frustrated because most retailers are failing to meet their needs


Years in business:

I launcehd KeepYourPantsOn.com in 2012 when I realized that there is not a single online retailer focused on women and their belt needs and that all retailers are neglecting this important fashion staple


What you love the most about fashion:

What I love most about women’s fashion is that weather they are conscious of it or not, women express their character and personality through the clothes & accessories they wear. Those who understand their body type and proportions know how to take advantage of their best assets to look great and feel sexy- the rest need our help!


Describe your main inspiration behind your work:

We want to help women look and feel great by teaching them about their body type and guiding them to make smarter fashion decisions. 9 of 10 customers told us they have ever bought a belt online before shopping at KeepYourPantsOn.com which makes us extremely proud of what we do and also inspires us to continue to improve and succeed

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

We would like to have educated thousands of women about their porportions and body type and feel more confident when making fashion choices while establishing KeepYourPantsOn.com as the go-to website for womens belts


10 years?

We would like to grow into other fashion categories that build on women’s proportion and body type as a guideline to all their fashion decisions, while continuing to build KeepYourPantsOn.com as the go-to website for all things fashion reated.


What fashion designers do you admire the most?

I admire designers and brands that change the status quo like Tom Ford


Describe your target customer:

Our target customer are real women of all shapes and sizes who are sometimes confused and uncertain and need our help understanding what to do and what to avoid when making fashion decisions


Describe what gives your products value:

Belts help women achieve that desired Marilyn Monroe hourglass figure. Belts enhance assets and conceal flaws and when used correctly belts help women feel great and look sexy. They can turn a regular outfit into a bold fashion statement


What makes your work different?

I am a guy who built a website for womens belts- in the process I had to learn a great deal about my customers and what is important to them when shopping for belts. I cant wear the product we sell which makes my work unique and exciting.


Are you affiliated with any charities?

A few years ago I lost a young family member to breast cancer. I was deeply saddened by the loss and didnt want anyone to go through what me and my family had to go through. Ever since KeepYourPantsOn.com donates 2% of every sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation who are fighting to cure breast cancer forever!

What influenced your decision to work with DH Studios Inc?

Daniel is an amazing designer and a great person. He is a true professional that is passionate about his work. He also has that rare mix of a talented designer and a go-getter businessman who knows how to get things done- which for me is an immediate draw. I would say that I was drawn into working with Daniel more than a conscience decision if that makes sense!?!


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