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Interview with Matina Lang

Posted by Daniel Hernandez on July 20, 2013 at 9:15 PM


Elegant, Sophisticated and Timeless are the three words that best define Tina Lang Creations, selected by DH Studios Inc. for the next fashion presentation EXTRINSIC 2, part of Boston's Fashion Week 2013.

Tell us a little bit about your self?


My name is Tina Lang and I live in Chestnut Hill, MA with my husband, two sons and our beloved Benny the corgi. I have been designing jewelry professionally for 11 years.


My love for fashion, jewelry, and the way women adorn themselves started early. I clearly remember being intrigued and dazzled by the loveliness of women all done up. My first designs were created at the age of 10. I designed pins and necklaces using flat, smooth stones found on the beach in Maine which I enameled, water colored and sealed. My mom still wears them!


I fell back into jewelry design quite by accident when I asked a jewelry designer to make me a bracelet. I adored the feel and look of the organic stones and was specific about color, material and construction, so much so that it occurred to me to just do it myself. As I designed for my personal pleasure, I was approached by peers to created pieces for them. I often sold pieces off my neck or wrist, and so it began…..


Please describe your work:


I specialize in fine handmade and custom jewelry for every woman to feel beautiful and special.


Years on Business:


11 years


What do you love the most about Fashion:


The thing I love most about fashion is that it is the most powerful artistic form of self expression. Fashion creates moods and makes statements. The way a person chooses to adorn themselves speaks volumes.



Describe your main inspiration behind your work:


I am inspired by so many things. I love the colors in nature, places my travels have taken me, historical jewelry ( my collar necklaces started off as an idea from Egyptian mummy jewelry) and almost anything I see. Sometimes I see an outfit that needs "completing" and a piece just comes to me.


My biggest inspiration comes from women themselves, however. I feel an enormous sense of gratification when I see women enjoying my jewelry and feeling great about themselves. That is what makes me want to keep going.


Where would you like to be in 5 years?


In 5 years I would like to solidly be the go to jewelry designer for women looking for quality and originality.


10 years?


My vision for 10 years down the road is to have created a legacy where the name Tina Lang Creations brand is established and shares the spotlight with great designers.


What fashion designers do you admire the most?


My favorite designer is Coco Chanel. Coco dared to be different first with her beautiful hats, and later, designing suits for women using what was considered masculine fabric. To this day, there is nothing more elegant and distinctive than a Chanel suit draped with fabulous strands of beads, chains and pearls.

I also admire Anne Fontaine for taking a simple concept, the white blouse which we all need, and creating a whole new level of perfection around it. Same with Diane Von Furstenberg with the wrap dress.



Describe your customer?


My customer base is evolving. My first customers were, and still are my peers, women my age, sharing similar lifestyles. Daughters of my clients are becoming customers as I strive to design for a younger audience as well. I am also doing more and more custom work, especially for brides and bridal parties.



Describe what gives your products value?


Each and every piece that I create is done entirely by hand using the finest materials. Much thought goes into every creation beginning with a vision, locating and purchasing just the right materials, and then finally, the actual task of creating.



What makes your work different?


In a world where most things are machine and/or mass produced, my designs stand out as hand made labors of love coupled with creative design.


Are you affiliated with any charities?


I am affiliated with a number of charities but most profoundly with Project Hope, www.prohope.org . I am inspired every single day by the work Project Hope does, headed by Sister Margaret Leonard. Her vision is to move families "up and out of poverty" and has made an impact on the lives of mothers with children struggling to make ends meet as well as homeless families. The strategy is to educate and provide childcare so that mothers can eventually earn a living wage in a career of their choice, and know that they can always rely on Project Hope as their support system.


My main projects have been at the Project Hope shelter on Magnolia St. in Dorchester where we have for the past five years created a great Mother's Day event (a big undertaking and overwhelming success) Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, "Christmas in a Box" for families leaving the shelter, and last, jewelry workshops that I run for the moms for team building and fun, and of course, they get to keep the jewelry they make.


I am also affiliated with MAB Community Services on a smaller scale. We most recently worked on an art fair for the residents which was a big hit. I have this year helped out with the Build program for at risk kids in the Boston Public Schools and will continue to support them as well.


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